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World Bible School University




Just a few of our WBSU graduates


Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew,
D.B.S., D. Th., D.C.C. 
WBSU Founder/Chancellor
Dr. Faye Hanshew,
A.A., B.S.M., M.B.A., D. Th. 
WBSU Co-Founder/Managing Director 


How We Started

Dr. Bill Hanshew, presiding Bishop over WBSITC, and Founder of WBSU, along with Dr.  Faye Hanshew, Co-Founder and Managing Director of WBSU, and have spent almost 50 years together in ministry. 

Our vision is multi-faceted in that while we have spent about 40 years pastoring, and almost 10 years more involved in Christian education. Our vision for a University was given to us by the Lord in the year 1990, and we have never lost sight of what the Lord put in our hearts. In the past, we have had in-church schools, and have worked in online schools. 

WBSU began student registration on January 7, 2019, and then our first classes began the following March. Today, WBSU is fully registered, fully accredited, and recognized by the Department of Higher Education in the State our Corporation is registered in. We are currently in our third year of classes, with our Main Office in Joplin Missouri, and our first International Office in Sierra Leone, Africa, under the direction of our International Director, Apostle, Dr. Abednego Kamara. Today, WBSU is a Tuition-Free, online institution. 


Now the cost of your education with WBSU depends on where you live. While WBSU is a Tuition-Free School, meaning the bulk of your education comes at no cost to you, even though there are some small fees remaining. There is an Application Fee, a Registration Fee, and when you complete either your Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree program, meaning, before you are eligible to graduate. We hope you enjoy your experience with WBSU. 

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