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World Bible School
International Training Center


Our Motto: “To cover a minister or ministry implies they are under us. To offer them our hand-in-fellowship means that we come alongside you, and you to come alongside us. The concept we offer is that of an upside-down triangle, rather than top-down, bottom-up. The fact that true apostolic and bishopric ministry is to be foundational and come under people to lift them up and serve them by helping to push them to a higher level of insight in the knowledge of the Eternal Christ within.”

Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew, D.B.S., D. Th., D.C.C.

WBSITC President/Founder

WE OFFER Relationship

Catholic Priest
Consecration of Apostles
Confirmation of Bishops 
Ordination of Ministers

World Bible School International Training Center is the parent corporation of the ministry of Dr. Bill & Dr. Faye Hanshew. We are here to encourage ministers around the world to join us as one body, from out of the unified Christ-mind within. Therefore, we offer credentials to those who can walk in harmony with WBSITC. 

We offer Ordination, known as “Ordination of Ministers.” Ordinating a Minister is for one who has more than 5 years of full-time ministry experience. It is like the word “Confirmation,” meaning to confirm a certificate upon a minister by Ordaining them into the gospel ministry. 

We offer Consecration, known as "Consecration of Apostles," which is for those who already operate in the ministry of an Apostle, and yet desires to be officially recognized as such. An Apostle is one of the 5-fold ministry giftings in the scriptures and is considered a calling or gifting of Christ. Therefore, an Apostle can be recognized and consecrated, receiving a certificate of “Consecration as an Apostle.” 

We offer Confirmation, known as "Confirmation of Bishops," which is to Recognize and Confirm a Minister as a Bishop. A Bishop is not listed as one of the 5-fold ministry gifts. Yet, it is our understanding that an Apostle operates the same as a Bishop in Scripture. However, a Bishop may be called upon for a greater degree of responsibility since the word Bishop can also be interpreted as an Overseer.  To be “Confirmed as Bishop” one must be an active minister for more than 10-years of full-time ministry. 

All “Ordination of Ministers,” “Consecration of Apostles,” and “Confirmation of Bishops” will receive a Certificate for display and a personal ID Card to carry with you. 

In addition to the fees listed below, regular offerings for the support of the online ministry of "World Bible School International Training Center" (WBSITC) will be used for the purpose of conducting Kingdom Business and are welcomed and encouraged, but never mandatory. 


Recognition & Consecration

North/South America

Europe & Australia


Africa & Asia




North/South America

Europe & Australia


Africa & Asia




North/South America

Europe & Australia


Africa & Asia


All Hands In

Fellowship Membership

WBSITC also offers your church or ministry an opportunity to join us as a "Fellowship Member" with our ministry. Each church or ministry must be legally registered in your own State or Country. We are not offering to legally cover your church or ministry, but we are inviting you to connect with us and walk side-by-side with us as a "Fellowship Member" with our online ministry of "World Bible School International Training Center."  

BENEFITS: We offer a "Fellowship Member" of WBSITC the following:  

1. Access to periodic lessons, which are written lessons and thoughts on our WBSITC Blog page at this LINK

2. Access to periodic messages presented by both Video and Audio formats at this LINK. 

3. Access to sermon outlines from Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew on various subjects of interest, if available (by request only at this LINK). 

4. Finally, your church or ministry will be added to our list of “Fellowship Members" at this LINK


Our WBSITC Fellowship is open to any Church or Ministry who follows faith in the Eternal Christ, believing that He rescued all mankind according to the original scriptures, and who agrees with the Statement of Beliefs of WBSITC. Be it known that we offer Ordination of Ministers, Consecration of Apostles, and Confirmation of Bishops (which is available on a separate application with fees is available).


Now, any Church or Ministry who is a member of another church or community of faith may request a letter of transfer from that organization to World Bible School International Training Center and then may apply to join us as a Fellowship Member. 

Churches or Independent Ministries who desire to be in a Fellowship Member with WBSITC must also be registered in your own Country and State. WBSITC will not be financially responsible for your Church or Ministry in any legal aspect. However, we do feel responsible for your soul in terms of imparting to you the wisdom and knowledge of God as we receive revelation from Holy Spirit. 

Remember, before organizing your Church or Ministry, be sure that you are legally registered first in the Country and State where you live. 

Fellowship Member

Annual Fee Requirement

North/South America

Europe & Australia


Africa & Asia


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